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COXO in Sino -Dental 2019?Exhibition,Beijing?

We just finished Sino -Dental 2019 Exhibition in BEIJING, it was a successful exhibition for COXO because of all friends’ support and trust. Thank you very much!

In this important exhibition, we launched many new products and we got great feedback from all new and old friends . New products are as below:

1.  Wireless endo motor with apex locator ( C-Smart  mini AP )   
2.  microscope ( C-clear )
3.  super torque handpiece ( Titan )
4.  LED Dental lamp for implant ( CX249-24)
5.  45 degree angle fiber-optic handpiece 1:4.2   ( C7-3 )

The most important product is: Wireless endo motor with apex locater. Many customers showed great interest in it.

We would like to share some photos with you, and you can feel the passion during exhibition:



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